We use VitaFive CPR Hair Products

The Exhilarate Hair & Body salon is proud to use FitaFive products.

  • Vitafive CPR products are Australian Made. They were design for Australian conditions to achieve beautiful, healthy hair. Natural technology…that works
    • The products were inspired by the needs of the Australian hairdresser & their clients
    • Designed to protect hair from the harsh Australian climate & active outdoor lifestyle
    • Setting a higher standard for professional haircare globally
    • Achieve beautiful, healthy hair. Naturally

Haircare. Reinvented

  • VitaFive CPR has been recognised by the Australian Government for it’s leading research and development. Vitafive CPR creates high performance, botanically enriched haircare solutions that are safe and gentle on hair.
    • Sulphate Free: Vitafive has been using a coconut base in it’s shampoo’s for over 20 years and was one of the first haircare manufacturers in the world to start using sulphate free alternatives.
    • Paraben Free: Parabens are traditional ‘mass-produced’ preservatives. Vitafive uses a natural alternative to Paraben to preserve its products.
    • No added salt: Sodium Chloride is a cheap alternative used in the hair and beauty industry to make it’s product thicker. However, salt can make the shampoo harsh, stripping the natural protective oils of hair, leaving it dry, brittle and damaged. Vitafive does not add salt to thicken it’s products.